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Putting Local Business Owners First

Two years ago I met with Mayor Williams, City Manager Trey Yelverton, and Chamber of Commerce President Michael Jacobson to discuss the growing resentment of local business owners towards the city. I offered viable solutions and even to volunteer my time to help in this endeavor. The solution is very simple and easy. Create an office of ambassadorship to serve as a liaison between the business and the city staff.

Since that time we have celebrated our Texas Rangers by giving them $500,000,000.00 towards a new stadium. And that's great! However, we continue to keep the foot of the city on the neck of the local business owner. We have learned that the projected cost of the stadium has significantly increased which also demands higher ticket prices from our citizens. I've heard from many who've said they won't be able to take their families to the game anymore.

To add to the resentment, we recently learned that Jerry Jones has purchased a $250,000,000.00 one-hundred yard long yacht. Well, good for him. But after our city gave him $500,000,000.00 to build a stadium and, by the way, Mayor Williams made an undisclosed amount from that deal, it's time to turn our energy and focus on our local business owners. The ones who actually live and vote in Arlington.


First, create an office of ambassadorship . It will save our business owners millions. What happens now is multiple city inspectors arrive at different times to inspect a business. Each inspector tells the business owner something different and every change can cost thousands. Simply having a go-between will prevent this from happening. Many other cities have this and it works. It's simple and easy.

Second, go-line-by line over our business ordinances and eliminate the ones that are ineffective and out of date. We need to streamline the remaining ordinances and update the language to better serve our citizens. As an example, there's a locally owned franchise that was out of business for awhile and a new owner took over. They put A-frame signs by the road to announce their reopening and the city forced them to remove the signs. However, many other businesses frequently use A-frame signs by the road without ramifications. This ordinance could be either eliminated or updated. That's just one example.

Thirdly, through our Economic Development Corporation, we provide incentive packages worth millions for large corporations. However, our locally owned businesses never benefit from such incentives. As mayor I will create a local business fund that local business owners can tap into for roadside signage that will be funded from the incentive packages we provide our large, out-of-town owned corporations. This is a small measure that will mean a great deal to our local business owners and will create goodwill among our large corporations and small locally owned businesses. Finally, because we are providing multi-million dollar incentive packages to corporations who relocate to Arlington they should in-turn put our qualified citizens first when hiring employees. This will strengthen the fabric of our community and benefit both business and citizen alike.

Under my leadership, Arlington Citizens Will Be First!