Arlington Citizens First

Illegal Immigration

Adhering To SB4 and Implementing E-Verify

As a mother of four young children and lifelong resident of Arlington, keeping our community safe is my top priority. It saddens me that our current mayor and chief of police refuse to accept this, their most important, responsibility. When I worked for then Chief Bill Waybourn (who is now Sheriff) at Dalworthington Gardens Police Department, I personally processed illegal immigrants over to ICE. It is a very simple and easy task taking less than five minutes to complete. Five minutes to keep our children safe from criminal aliens who are living here illegally.

Senate Bill 4 is a state law that prohibits sanctuary cities in our state. It gives police officers the authority to verify immigration status at a traffic stop only if the driver does not have a drivers license. After a court ruling, elected officials can now make their own decision if they will follow the law or not and whether they will even cooperate with ICE. Because, and with Mayor Williams tacit approval, Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson signed his name to a letter opposing the law, there is no doubt that, under our current leadership, we are not following this state law here in Arlington. Arlington is therefore a de-facto sanctuary city.

Mayor Jeff Williams is the former chairman of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. Because "Big business" wants cheap labor, the position of the Chamber has been to grant amnesty and offer sanctuary to those here illegally in our communities. The Chamber of Commerce serves as a lobbyist for large corporations and spends millions per year influencing pro-illegal legislation. These large corporations that move to Arlington pay our local chamber hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, which is fine, but not at the expense and safety of our own citizens. Simply put, it's wrong.

E-verify is a system that confirms if employees have a legal right to work in our country. It also is very easy to adhere to. Currently our city invest millions in construction contracts and many of our tax dollars are being paid to illegal immigrants. Those are jobs that Arlington citizens could be benefiting from, however, under our current leadership our own citizens are being passed over for workers from other countries.

As mayor, I will require that our police department adheres to SB4 and will implement E-verify for all government contracts. Putting Arlington Citizens Safety and Prosperity First over big business and foreigners.