Arlington Citizens First

Lower Property Taxes

The Effective Tax Rate

Ever notice how silver tongued politicians are telling you that they are lowering your taxes but every year you always seem to be paying more? Well here's one of the ways they cloak the truth. Mayor Williams is touting that he lowered the property tax rate which, in fact, he did. But here's the rest of the story ... Tarrant Appraisal District has consistently raised the value of our properties so, even though the "Tax Rate" goes down, the amount we pay actually goes up. If I tried telling customers in my business that I was lowering prices and then started charging them more, I don't think they'd continue to buy the product. Well, we shouldn't buy it anymore either. Our current mayor is telling us he lowered the tax rate and yet the city took in almost $8,000,000.00 more in property tax revenue from current properties since last year. He lowered the rate but it's costing you more. Don't buy it!

Once again, the solution is simple and easy. Lower our property taxes to the effective tax rate. Other cities have done this successfully. This way even if TAD appraises your property at a higher value, your taxes will remain the same as the year before.

Mayor Williams ineffectively lowered your taxes. When I'm mayor, I will effectively lower your property taxes.

Effective Tax Rate: The rate at which property taxes remain the same amount as the previous year.