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Ashton Stauffer

Hi, I'm Ashton Stauffer! As a 6th generation, life-long resident of Arlington who's raising my four children in this great city of ours, it is my honor to have the support of so many Arlington citizens. Raised in a home with entrepreneurial parents who have owned a local business for over thirty five years, I got the gene and have been an active business owner for the past six years. Prior to taking the leap into business ownership, I worked as a 911 operator and jailer under the leadership of then Chief Bill Waybourn who is now Sheriff of Tarrant County. One of my many responsibilities was to process illegal immigrants over to ICE. I was also a volunteer firefighter with my EMT certification. 

When I was pregnant with my third child, my first husband Paul Lovato and I purchased the original Jambo's Barbeque Shack. We soon opened our second location in Arlington on Little Rd and then our third location at the old Arlington Steak House. Regrettably my first marriage ended in divorce. Nevertheless, Paul and I remain good friends and loving parents to our children. We are the true modern family. After selling the original Jambo's location earlier this year, Paul owns the Jambo's on Division St. and I own the one on Pioneer Pkwy. 

After combating the city to open our Division St. location, I became vibrantly aware just how difficult it is for so many citizens to own a business here in Arlington. One example is that a city inspector instructed us to put up backing board and we spent the money to comply. Then another city inspector came out and informed us that it had been put up upside down, so we spent the money to have it redone. After we had, for a second time, put up backing board a third city inspector told us we had actually done it right the first time but still needed to have it redone again. This one incident cost our family several thousand dollars and shows how much we need reform and an office of ambassador to serve as a go between. Unfortunately, this is normal in Arlington and not the exception

About two years ago I became involved in a political campaign against Councilwoman Lana Wolff. We lost that race but we recently won in the effort for term limits, thereby, successfully turning over five city council seats including the one occupied by Mrs. Wolff.

As a strong woman who stands up and speaks out, I have become accustom to criticism of the harshest variety. I've had to learn to temper my strong sense of fairness and justice with kindness and respect. In my family we have Five Rules: Happiness, Kindness, Respectfulness, Calmness, and Listening.

This campaign is about the issues but it's also about temperament. What kind of temperament do we want from our mayor? We currently have a mayor who is a status-quo chamber republican that remains silent on important issues such as, Illegal Immigration, Sharia Law, and the Effective Tax Rate. Because our current mayor has remained silent on the most important issue of our generation, illegal immigration, I have to wonder where he stands on Sharia Law in our city. This is because he has chosen to go to our area mosque to campaign and get votes, and that's fine I guess, but when the story broke in February that a man from Arlington was arrested on terrorism charges even saying it's, "Allah's will to turn him into a killing machine," it concerned me that Mayor Williams has remained silent on this issue, too. Nevertheless, let me make my position clear. I stand for American Laws for American Courts.

I know he tells us that he lowered the property tax rate but he remains silent on the issue of the Effective Tax Rate, which, would actually lower our property taxes. He has characterized my campaign as a partisan political stunt and says our citizens only care about issues like fixing potholes. The citizens have a choice, continue with a silent elected official who fixes pot holes and panders to out-of-town corporate leaders and owners of sports franchises or a mayor who will take a stand on issues that are actually important to the people of Arlington.

I have known Jeff Williams and his family for close to twenty years; since I was in Junior High School. And I know that he is a good man and deserving of respect. He's just out of touch with the issues that our citizens care about. I will continue his legacy of pothole repair and bringing big business to Arlington, and, I will also take on the tough challenges of our generation. Namely, effectively lowering property taxes, championing locally owned businesses, fighting against illegal immigration, standing against sharia law, standing in support of our firefighters and first responders, and building a culture of citizen service at city hall. I will put Arlington Citizens First!

I hope to earn your vote!

~ Ashton

Bullet Points

• Mother of Four Children

• 6th Generation Arlingtonite

• Lifelong Resident

• Successful Entrepreneur 

• Volunteer Fire Fighter

• Professional Experience w/ Processing Illegal Immigrants

• 911 Operator

• Jailer

• Police Dispatcher

• Certified EMT

• Term Limits Advocate

• Fire Fighter Prop 2 Advocate

• Bankhead Highway 100 Year Anniversary Celebration Organizer

• Former Corporate Member of Arlington Chamber of Commerce